Inter-Port (Command)

Field Gun Competition

Results 1900 through to 1920


Year Venue Notes: Inter-Command Challenge Cup Winners Points
1900 Islington

Naval Brigade Display Only!

With 4.7" Gun, 12lb-ers

& Maxim Guns

n/a n/a
1901 Islington Display Only! n/a n/a
1902 Islington Display Only! n/a n/a
1903 Islington Display Only! n/a n/a
1904 Islington Display Only! n/a n/a
1905 Islington Display Only! n/a n/a
1906 1st Olympia

Display Only!

Tournament extended

from 15 to 17 days

n/a n/a
1907 Olympia

1st Competition

display between two crews

HMS Cambridge  
1908 Olympia   HMS Victory  
1909 Olympia

Inter-Command Challenge Cup

1st Awarded

HMS Excellent  
1910 Olympia   HMS Pembroke 'B'  
1911 Olympia   HMS Victory  
1912 Olympia   HMS Excellent  
1913 Olympia

Competition Started with currently known Track Layout

1914 Olympia

6 Crews compete ~

Portsmouth (Excellent & Victory), Chatham (2 x Pembroke)

& Devonport (2 x Vivid)

Crew with Lowest Aggregate Time wins the Competition

HMS Pembroke  

No Royal Tournament due to

World War 1

1919 Olympia   Portsmouth  
1920 Olympia   Portsmouth  

Results 1921 through to 1946



Note: I have managed to gather the above information from a number of sources,

however, if you know they are incorrect, or can fill in any gaps, please let me know, and I'll rectify them!


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