Sam Clues 1999

(Portsmouth FGC 80 & 85)

Dedicated to ALL Field Gunners across the Globe

One ton of metal
Over one ton of years
Has plenty of memories
With even some tears


The Field Gun tradition
Is ceasing to stride
But gunners the world over
Will always feel pride

All crews have performed
With fine efforts abound
And always the public
We never fail to astound

Out, Back & Home
Were the Trainer's demands
So to keep each run steady
We'd obey his commands

On all of the tracks
The dust will now settle
And soon the equipment
Will be rust covered metal

So what of the summers
From this year on
There'll be little to do
Now that Field Gun is gone

Re-unions will follow
With that I am certain
But will many turn up
After this final curtain

Earls Court is ending
There's no new domain
We must find a venue
So the race can remain

The arena's now empty
And each crew is done
So sadly no more
Will we see the 'Gun Run'

Now the crews will be waiting
For the bugler's tone
To send them forever
On that final RUN HOME!

 Sam Clues 1999






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