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Command 100 Dinner at Greenwich ~ 28th July 2007

Memorial Statue Unveiling Ceremony ~ 26th May 2007

Sam Clues' Wedding Reception ~ 31st March 2007

Funeral & Internment of Russell "Jock" Stuart ~

2nd & 3rd November 2006

Christmas Social ~ 2004???

Whale Island Memorial Commissioning Ceremony ~

Saturday 18th September 2004


Tony Standish's Field Gun Oil Painting                                           and Portsmouth Field Gun Watercolours



Copies of most of the Images shown in these Galleries are available to Order.

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The costs will generally be as follows:

Size Cost

7" x 5"


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A proportion of the costs will be donated into the Association's fund.


Bulk ordered/printed Photo's, will incur a lower price

For Example: the Command 100 Group will be 5:00 for each 10" x 8" Print

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