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Bugs Wrightson


Rowans Hospice June 8th 2008


Inter Services Sportive Challenge


The Chairman of the "Field Gunner's Association"

Bugs Wrightson is taking on

the Pongo's, Crab's,

Firemen, Police & Ambulance Teams

in a 125 Mile Cycle Ride,

combining the event to raise Money for

the Rowans Hospice


Check out this Event's Page on this Site


Many thanks to all who sponsored me today; it was particularly poignant as a friend of mine passed away in Rowans Hospice last week after (thankfully) short battle with cancer.


I did the 128 miles (the organisers lied about the distance), and it was bloody hilly!  As far as the anatomy is concerned, the legs and bum are fine but my feet hurt!  Time for some new cycling shoes I guess.

Once again, many thanks.  I'm indebted to you all.

Bug Wrightson


Jon "Henry/Florrie" Ford

Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund Sunday September 16th



Jon 'Florrie' Ford has run for Portsmouth on many occasions. His youngest Son has been diagnosed with Diabetes for some time now.

To raise money for research in to it's causes and to help find solutions, Jon will be carrying out a Sponsored Walk.

Jon would like to personally Thank everyone at the 1997 & 1987 Anniversary Dinner, held on Saturday 8th September, who raised over £200 towards this worthy cause.

To pledge funds, and for details, please contact Jon direct at Jon Ford



JDRF logo


'Nobby' Hall

Children of Chernobyl



13th, 14th, and 15th September








per ticket, per show

The Sounds of Sinatra

Charity Concert

"Ol' Blue Eyes" is back, as part of a tribute show which is aiming to raise money for "Children from Chernobyl".

Frank Sinatra impersonator Vince Hall will be appearing at the

Brunel Theatre, HMS Sultan,

as part of three evenings of entertainment.

He will be belting out all of the late Crooner's hits, from September 13th through to the 15th.

Doors open at 7:00pm each evening, and tickets for the show cost £5 per show.

To book, call the box office on:

023 9254 2272


Ron "Darby" Allen


in the care of

Paul Dunn

St. Dunstan's Summer Camp HMS Sultan

9th to 14th September 2007

For our team of 3, forthcoming 400 mile cycle challenge from Carnoustie to Coventry.


This is in aid of support in the care of

"Paul Dunn", Ex-FAA Field Gunner, '70, '73 & '76 crews;

RN & Inter Command Rugby Captain

during the 70s, and everybody's friend, who sadly has terminal Pancreas Cancer and is being cared for by St Margaret's Hospice Yeovil.


It will also be for the St Dunstan's Summer Camp HMS Sultan, which is our FAAFGA long term charity.

More details on this Fundraising

Rob 'Kerry' Packer


Statue Fund

April 2007
With regards to the statue unveiling and wanting to do my bit, firstly I wonít be able to make the unveiling but secondly, I hope I can raise some funds. If you can find someone in UK to run the book, Iíve already done 1000km on the bike onboard and Iím now aiming for the 100miles on the runner. Iím also going to do shit loads of bench press and I was thinking that if you advertise the fact that KP is going to record the weight lifted, they could donate a penny a pound and maybe 10p, 20p or whatever a mile?

I know Iíve already done the 1000Km but if they want to donate for that then what the heck?

Sam Clues

Multiple Sclerosis




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